justin-Polito-arrest-mugshotTuesday 6/3/14 Justin Polito, just 25 years of old, was arrested for allegedly trying to stab his mother to death. The charges included aggravated battery with a knife, and resisting arrest. The bail was set at $30,500.

His mother told police that her son said, “I’m going to kill you”, then he grabbed a knife from the kitchen and attacked her. She also told police she pleaded with him to stop saying,”I’m your mother, you can’t kill me please!” The struggle lasted up to 15 minute.

I have never heard of such a thing. Sometimes teenagers go through a faze where they “hate” their mom, but this kind of alleged behavior from a 25 year old man is preposterous. What would you do if your son behaved this way? Our thoughts go out to the victim.

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